by Live Your Mark, Rainbow Warrior Tribe

Experience the Living Shaman Community in Singapore.

We come from the Rainbow Warrior Tribe and our community aims to bring conscious living into the world. Connect to the world and be guided by your spirituality, inner truth and allow it to unfold in the most magnificent way possible.

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Our story of why we chose the Shaman path

All of us come from different backgrounds, some government workers, some accountants and some researchers. But all of us were looking for something, that something more to life. That’s when we came across Shamanism, or you could say we unconsciously seeked it out. 

And now, connecting to the world, it’s our way of life.

Upcoming Events

Face to Face: Shaman Relaxation Retreat

From smudging, crystal grids, rituals, to creating your own Shamanic tool, experience Shamanism here in Singapore. This is a 2 day event that will immerse you in how we as Shamans live our lives in the modern world.

Zoom: Introduction to Shamanic Meditation

In this live zoom meditation, we will share with you the roots of Shamanism and how it is applicable in the modern world. We will meditate using the Quantum zazen method to connect to nature and the world around us.

Face to Face: Crystal Meditation @ Crane

Learn how the vibration of your crystal affects your meditation and how to use it with your different chakra points. Discover what inner wisdom your crystals have been trying to share with you, on top of its vibrational qualities.

What People Say

“It (meditation) was very good, I am able to be more clear about my thoughts and what I am supposed to do next.”
Ling Jie
Assitant Manager
"After the meditation, I could feel the different energies in my bedroom and around me . I became more present in how I communicated with others."
Yi Shiean
Solutions Consultant
“I was introduced to come here by my friend. I will be coming back more often. These guys know their stuff.”
IT Consultant
"They are a dedicated bunch of people and they helped me to work through my anxiety. Ever since meditating, I am always more relaxed and can think in a calmer and more logical manner."
Kang Lei
Tuition Teacher
“It was an interesting experience. It's definitely eye-opening especially since it's my first time experiencing something like this.”
Assistant Professor
“I was able to hear the sound of the bus which was a few hundred meters away. That was how clear my mind was after the session. It was a good break from work. I am able to go deeper in these sessions.”
Chee Chung
Senior Consultant

Introducing our Instructor Apprentices

Berto is born in the Phillipines into a family of Shamans. He found himself being tossed into rat race and developing society, forsaking his traditional roots and favouring science over the natural world. Increasingly, he started experiencing panic attacks and insurmountable anxiety.   

After spending a sum of money in therapy, Berto managed to re-discover himself in Shamanism. He has since re-connected with his family’s traditions and strives to be his truest self in front of the crowd. He is sincere in wanting to deliver value to others.


Milbert Sosmena

Leading Instructor,  Spiritual Engineer & Research Scientist

Professional Kendo Champion, representing Singapore on various occasions, Grace is an avid bodyworks enthusiast. She connects to Shamanism through her body movements and processes the information largely in a physical format.

As a past chemist as her day job, her path as a Shaman is a controversial one and one that she believes will enrich and enliven the health of people around her. Grace is known for her empathetic nature and participants tend to find comfort in the way she guides them to re-discover themselves.  


Grace Lim

Workshop Leader, Bodyworks Intuit & Event Coordinator  

Empath, coach, consultant and animal whisperer. Kai fell into Shamanism as he walked along the path of re-discovering himself.

Having run dreamcatcher workshops previously, Kai prefers to focus more on the creation of tools and the physical aspect of Shamanism. Skeptical by nature, Kai focuses on the science of Shamanism, how it works reliably and consistently and how we can incorporate it into daily life.

Live, laugh and love, everyday motto that Kai tries to bring into every workshop that he facilitates. 


Kai Poh

Community Manager, Animal Whisperer & Life Coach