Our regular events

Zoom: Introduction to Shamanic Meditation

If you would like to know more about Shamanism, are looking to re-connect to yourself or are tired of the rat race. We might just be the right people for you.

In this live zoom meditation, we will share with you the roots of Shamanism and how it is applicable in the modern world. We will meditate using the Quantum zazen method to connect to nature and the world around us.

Face to Face Meditation: Drum Meditation @ Oxley

Playing the drum always has been a way to get into the state of flow. Instead of using mantras or focusing on your breath to go deeper, soak in the rhythmic vibration of a Shaman's drum. Let the vibration take you to a deeper level of meditation. Allow yourself to float with it.

You will be put in a sanctified space, shielded and sacred to our community. Take this chance to visit the space that has transformed lives and experience the healing recording of our Shaman teacher's Drum, Bluestar.

Face to Face: Shaman Relaxation Retreat

If you are curious about what secrets the Shamanic world holds, this is your chance to experience Shamanism right here in Singapore.

Get in touch with the Shamanic part of yourself as we bring you through a tour of the Shamanic realm, interact with crystals, different energies, frequencies and create your own shamanic tool for your journey

Face to Face: Crystal Meditation @ Crane

Ever wondered what secrets your crystals hold? Are you looking for a different form of meditation?

The key to unlocking the wisdom of the crystals is to vibrate at the same frequency it is vibrating at, then it will start communicating back to us. We will be using the Quantum Zazen method to go into the flow state to attempt to connect with the crystals. Bring your own crystals along as we guide you through the meditation.

Upcoming Ceremonies

Zoom Event: Earth Day Ceremony Briefing

Once a year, we intentionally put aside some time to be thankful for what Mother Earth, Gaia has given to us. In this briefing session, our Shaman teacher, Kelvin will be giving us guidelines and how to perform the Earth Day Ceremony ourselves.

As spiritual beings ourselves, we are all indebted physically and non-physically to what Mother Earth and Gaia has provided for us. It is a season to be joyful.

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