Zoom: Introduction to Shamanic Meditation


What is Shamanism? What does it comprise of and where does it come from? How exactly do we connect to nature? How does nature work and how do we connect to the elements around us? What are the wisdoms they are trying to inpart to us?

Could it be the reason why we are not aligned to our inner being? Could it be that our souls are telling us something else other than to run in the rat race? What is there more to life?

The answers to these questions lie within ourselves. With a little additional help from the external world, we will be able to attempt to answer them. Shamanic Meditation attempts to ease us into the state of flow where we connect with the elements around us and reach into ourselves to find the answer.

We will send you the zoom link via whatsapp after you have completed the checkout process, please make sure that the whatsapp is a valid number (There is no need for payment, this is a free introductory session). We will only contact you on the week of the class and do a 1 – 1 call with you to answer any of your enquiries.

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