Face to Face: Shaman Relaxation Retreat


For day 1, we will soak you in a Shamanic space, teaching you how to set up a similar sacred space in your home. Then we will bring you into the Shamanic world through guided meditation and allow healing to start taking place.

You will begin to craft and create your first Shamanic tool, furthermore, you will be put into an energetic space that will allow your mind to go into deep relaxation. After which, you will begin the initiation of your Shaman tool.

We will break for dinner in a scenic restaurant to enjoy the space and how different it is compared to a regular day. After coming back, we will take you on a Shaman journey with your tool and we will end the first day.

For day 2, we will work with crystals and various forms of meditations. You will learn how to interact with your crystals and the different chakra points of your system and how the crystal can help to activate them.

You will go into a healing space and allow the crystals to work their energies on you. In this super charged space, your body will start reacting after 2 days of intense meditation and start to purge.

We will do intensive drum healing and go into a mini-pow wow. You will experience what it’s like to be healed in a Shaman mini-ceremony setting and be recharged and energized after.

Many people report being healed physically and energetically. We would suggest you keep an open mind as to how different forms of healing will take place.

We will close off the session with sharings and insights, also, how to improve your meditation further and what the Shaman path is all about and how you can use it to enhance your spiritual practice.

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